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Hello, I'm Jamie Emerson (BA Hons Photography). Emerson Photography has been working throughout the north east since 2005, providing contemporary, reportage wedding photography and both studio-based and environmental portraiture. The skill-set used to become 'invisible-at-will' during weddings also comes in very handy at corporate events, balls and parties. Everyone is a candid, documentary, unobtrusive photographer these days, but it's about so much more than just catching people 'off-guard'. It's about having the experience to see where a story might be about to unfold, and being in the right place at the very moment it does. This might be at a north east wedding, or at an awards ceremony - the principles are the same. So whether you're looking for some dramatically lit and eye-catching profile shots of your staff, or for a photo-journalistic wedding photographer, do please feel free to call or email.