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I am Stephen McCurry, a successful and unique photographer with over 22 years experience specialising in weddings, landscapes and the natural world. My eye for detail and love of the job gives my imagery passion and makes sure it stands out from the crowd. I have been described by my wedding clients as being a wedding ninja and love being in the background capturing the small moments when a person drops their camera smile and the real warmth of their being comes out. It is these moments which have kept me striving to perfect my craft and which has provided so many fond memories for the couples I have photographed. By the same token when required I can be directive of large groups of people and ensure I always get the images required without being pushy or overbearing. I am available for weddings throughout the UK and further afield. My landscape photography has been featured in many magazines as well as being used in advertising and sales material. It is where I started and my love for the environment still holds strong. My imagery has an impressionistic feel to it and glorifies the beauty, colour and diversity of the natural world while also, at times contrasting this with the environmental impact human life has upon. I have a large stock library drawn from the USA, Ireland and Northumberland as well as being available for commission work.